I’m not dead, I’m just taking a break from the Internet for a while ;3
My hair is in the way… but yeah, this is my new shirt :’>
My new t-shirt just arrived! :>

Oskar Fahlen
SUBMISSION from oskarfahlen.

Submission from oskarfahlen: A new picture of me! I hope you like it! :D
Of course we do! Great submission, thank you c:
You simiply cannot resist this beautiful T-shirt right? ^-^
All creds goes to dempainwonderland who made the T-shirt!And to nillananic who took the picture!
Visited some really old graves not far away from my house!
Me and my amazing cat <3
Photo by: http://ruines—humaines.tumblr.com/
Model: Oskar FahlenPhotographer: Jessica
A picture of me taken by Jessica!
Wow! Just reached 1000 followers! :’oAnd it’s all thanks to you guys!!
I am going to keep uploading pictures now and then and hopefully I will get a little bit better at it now since its almost summer<3
Thank you again for all your support in every kind of way. I’m so thankful c’: